Holiday Plan

Hello i'm Back!!

Today i want to tell you about my friends holiday plans.
We will show you about our dialogue about this holiday plan.
Ok Lets start the dialogue!!

Farhan: "Morning Faeza!."

Faeza: "Good morning Farhan."

Farhan: "How are you today?"

Faeza: "I'm very good, do you??"

Farhan; "I'm very good too, thank you."

Faeza; "Your welcome."

Farhan: "You know next month the holidays will arrive, what is your plan for this holiday? "

Faeza: "I was thinking of maybe taking a drive to the beach"

Farhan:"That sounds like a great idea !."

Faeza:" Would you be interested in joining me?"

Farhan: "I do not know, I have a plan to watch a football game at the Jalak Harupat Stadium ?"


My Unforgettable Experience

Hello I'm back now i want to tell you about may unforgettable experience

      Yes this time I want to tell you about my unforgettable experience. This experience really makes me grateful. This experience occurred when I was in grade 7. At that time I was with 4 of my friends following a futsal tournament in a fairly isolated place. There are only a few public transportation that go to the main road. Yes then I followed the futsal tournament until 7 pm. And my other friends have gone home with their own vehicles.

      My four friends and I were confused because there was no angkot passing by. Me and my friend had to walk up to 1 km and still have 2 km more. We are very tired and confused because none of my friends who have mobile phone that has a pulse. After walking we saw the house where the inhabitants were the drivers of angkot and we were surprised by the people behind us who kicked my shoulders. Apparently it was a grandfather who turned out to be t…

Me and My New Friend

Hello, Good People!!! I'm back!!
Today i want to tell you about my new friend.
And i want to tell you about my dialogue when we meet for the first time.
I hope you're enjoying it.
OK, lets see my dialogue with my new friend now.
My New Football Friend.
Faeza      : "Hello, good morning."
Farhan   : "Good mornig too."
Faeza      : "My name is Faeza, may i know your name please?"
Farhan   : "Sure, i'm Farhan, iam from Surabaya. What about you?"
Faaeza    : "I'm from Bandung. Do you like football?"
Farhan   :  "Yes really like football. What is your favorite football team?"
Faeza      : " I really like FC Barcelona beacuse this club have a lot of trophy and this club  have many great players like lionel Messi, Iniesta, Gerard Pique and many more. And how about you? What is your Favorite team?"
Farhan   : "I really like Persib Bandung because Persib is a most popular football team in the world, Persib has a big a…

A Little pinch of my life

Hello friends !!!, welcome to my blog
I"m here to introduce myself

My name is Muhammad Farhan Oktaviyan Putra, you can call me Farhan.
I was Born on 16th of october 2002 in Mojokerto city East Java Indonesia.
My school is SMAN 3 Bandung

First, I want to tell my hobby, there are a lot of men that likes this hobby. Yes my hobby is futsal. I love futsal since i was 8 years old. I love futsal because this sport is very fun. I joined a futsal club in Bandung. Every saturday i always pratice with my club or my friends. But futsal is not my ambition. I just like only as a hobby.

Second, I want to tell about my City. My city is very comfortable to live in and my city is a beautifull city. living here like live in europe, because it is very cold here. My city is Bandung. I Love this City very much.